Jun 11, 2013 2:21 AM by Rebecca Taylor

Sunnyside opens dialogue to possibly extend Superintendent's contract

TUCSON - It may be summer break but the governing board of Tucson's second largest school district held a special meeting Monday night to discuss the future of its superintendent.

After meeting behind closed doors for four and a half hours in executive session, the board voted to open the dialogue to possible extending Dr. Manuel Isquierdo's contract once his current agreement expires.

Dr. Isquierdo's current contract expires in 2014. He earns more than 300-thousand a year.

Isquierdo has faced criticism from employees, parents and community members after a slew of personal and legal problems came to light.

Dozens of people, against Isquierdo's renewal were in attendance at Monday's board meeting.

Their goal was to ask the board to support the dismissal of Dr. Isquierdo.

Earlier this year Isquierdo applied for a superintendent's job in San Antonio, but he withdrew citing his legal and financial issues.

Among them, he's filed for bankruptcy his million dollar home is in foreclosure, and his license was suspended for failure to pay traffic tickets

Some parents say his personal issues have caused leadership problems.

"The lack of integrity and ethics is big, he's not a good role model for our kids and our community has lost confidence in his ability to run the school district," said Sunnyside community member Beki Quintero

In a letter to employees, Dr. Isquierdo addresses the charges saying "Many of these issues have been resolved four years ago and to expound upon them again is unwarranted. Those that are of a personal nature have not and will not impede my ability to continue to lead the district."

Isquierdo's supporters say he's done a fine job since taking office in 2007, they say graduation rates are up.


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