Aug 28, 2013 2:21 AM by Sean Mooney

Sunnyside School Board addresses flyers attacking Hernandez

fTucson- The Sunnyside School District Governing Board finding it more and more difficult to actually govern Tucson's second largest school district. There are presently two recall efforts underway and now claims that anti-gay flyers targeting a board member are being circulated outside schools in the district.

On July 17th, a recall was filed by a group called, Sunnyside Recall 2013, to remove board members Louie Gonzalez and Bobby Garcia. August 16th, a recall was launched to recall board members Daniel Hernandez and Buck Crouch.

The Huffington Post reported that flyers were handed out at least five Sunnyside Schools. Copies of the two flyers circulated on the internet had "RightWing Watch.org in the bottom right corners of each along with "Sunnyside Recall 2013". Beki Quintero, of Sunnyside Recall 2013, denied the organization having any connection with the flyers.

One flyer contains an image of Daniel Hernandez with the headline "Put a Real Man on the Sunnyside Board", mocking Hernandez's lifestyle. The other flyer features text saying "Daniel Hernandez cares about only one things (sic) taking your guns away."

Hernandez says the flyers were brought to his attention by concerned parents and says he believes fellow board members Louie Gonzales and Bobby Garcia were behind it.
"It's part of their track record of trying to intimidate people. That's what they have been doing for years but specifically what they had happened at a recall meeting a few days ago", Hernandez said, "they had flyers they were handing out that were originally anonymous, flyers were mailed to people throughout the city saying I had been arrested and accused me of having broken open meeting laws. None of which is true but they had sent them anonymously and they all have a rather ominous ending saying more to come at the bottom of the flyer."

Board member, Louie Gonzales says he and the entire school board are the victims of a smear campaign.
"They can make the accusation. I can't prove that i didn't do it they can't prove that i did do it and we hang with that doubt in the community, " Gonzalez said, "But somebody out there definitely knows what they're doing because they are definitely splintering and destroying the integrity of what we stand for."

District spokesperson Mary Veres said that there have been no reports from any school in the district of flyers being passed out.
As he left Tuesdays board meeting Daniel Hernandez said that he would like to see all of this put aside and instead have the school board focus on the much needed override that will be voted on in November.


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