May 15, 2014 5:01 PM by John Overall

Surprise proposal at the Tucson Museum of Art

Nathan Cooper set up an elaborate plan to ask his girlfriend to marry him. Chelsey Dean is an art lover and Nathan proved to be quite an artist when he pulled off a picture perfect proposal.

On April 19th Cooper's painted proposal was hanging on the wall of the Tucson Museum of Art. The staff, volunteers and patrons all knew this special painting was meant for one specific set of eyes. Chelsey was confused when she first saw it, "I thought that's weird because most chelsey's spell their name with an A and then I kept reading and I was oh my gosh, like I can't believe this is happening," Chelsey said.

Chelsey thought her boyfriend of ten months was just pulling a prank but Cooper knows better than that. "No, that's a dangerous trick to play," he said.

Cooper lives and works in Phoenix but he was born and raised in Tucson. The museum staff was happy to help him pop the question.

"They were awesome! I really can't say enough good things about the museum, the staff, the volunteers everything, they were great," said Cooper.

Hidden cameras in the corridor captured the moment. Another camera down the hall recorded hidden family members ready to celebrate with the occasion. There were a lot of people in on the secret and they all managed to keep Chelsey in the dark. "It wasn't even on my radar. I was completely caught off guard," Chelsey said.

She may have been caught off guard but Chelsey said yes. She and Nathan will get married in Tucson on Nov. 8.


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