May 7, 2013 2:27 AM by Sean Mooney

Suspicious pacakage, taunt to police or act of kindess?

TUCSON - With the recent events in Boston, Tucson Police are on high alert when they receive a suspicious device call. That was the case on Monday when they received a call about a suspicious package located in front of the Camp Lowell Surgery Center, at 4620 E. Camp Lowell Drive.

Taking no chances police immediately shut down traffic, in both directions, on Ft. Lowell between Swan and Laurel Avenue.

Police described the package as being covered in wrapping paper. Once it was determined it did not contain a dangerous device the package was apparently opened. Inside a collectible plate was found along with a card saying "Lucky you, finders keepers."

News 4 has also learned this is not the first time this has happened. According to TPD, two weeks ago a similar package was found in the midtown area.

At this point the motive of whoever is doing this is not known but police say responding to these types of calls is very serious and costs money.

Ben's Bell's Executive Director, Jeanette Maré, says that if it is an attempt at kindness it needs to be done the right way, "The message is that when you want to do something for someone", Mare said, "you think about doing it in a way that is safe for them, and it seems that this person might have a very nice intentions but the way they are going about it is causing fear and causing the police to have to react."

Police say that while whoever is doing this may not have any ill intent, when something like this happens they are create a police situation and frighten a lot of people in the process.


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