Feb 1, 2013 3:32 PM by Ryan Haarer

Suspicious shooting involving security guards remains unsolved

TUCSON- A shooting last month at a student housing complex left buildings riddled with bullet holes. The security company involved that night says they were mistreated by Tucson police.

Two members of Pro One security were on duty that night. They claimed they were shot at by a man with an assault rifle but in the course of the investigation the victims claim they were treated as suspects.

"I popped back up to re-engage the suspect he jumped over the wall. We heard a vehicle start and take off at a high rate of speed. I contacted Tucson Police and Tucson Police responded to the scene," said Donald Erickson, owner of Pro One Security.

Police combed through the scene to conduct their investigation and they had Donald explain how things went down. They felt something wasn't right.

It's one thing for someone to call 911 or call the police and not be sure. They're unsure about what they saw or they are confused, or they forgot. But it's another when you're witnesses give a very detailed account of what they saw and what they did and then when you take that account, match it up with physical evidence and it doesn't match, that warrants further investigation," said Sergeant Chris Widmer with Tucson Police.

TPD didn't understand why the guards never fired back. Positions of the shooter and casings were not consistent with the guard's story and there was even a mention of two shooters instead of one. It was a confusing scenario that just wasn't adding up.

"He then told me that he did not believe me. That he believes that because we were losing the contract that we had actually had someone come and stage this event," said Erickson.

TPD read the guards their Miranda rights but the guards were not arrested. The security guard owner is incensed.

"This is an insult to everything that I started with this company three years ago. These are questions that I just could not answer because we'd just been in a situation where somebody was shooting at us," said Erickson.

Donald says he has filed a complaint with internal affairs. Tucson Police say the case has been sent to the aggravated assault unit for review. There is still no clear answer as to who was firing that rifle.


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