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Sep 23, 2013 10:33 AM by Ryan Haarer

T-Rex Museum wants your help to return downtown

TUCSON- If you go a few years back you may remember the T-Rex museum. There are still remnants of it downtown but the exhibits have been relocated. A new campaign may move a new dinosaur exhibit back downtown.

Samuel Breidenbach travels the world to add to his museum.

"I love the dinosaurs. I found my first T-Rex, baby and mama when I was six years old. So that sort of means I have to go into the field," he says.

His current exhibit west of the Tucson Mountains gives kids and parents a chance to study paleontology hands on.

"There's lots of wonderful museums in this country. Dinosaur ones. But they're not too hands on. Unless they're sort of phony hands on when you pretend to find a fake fossil. These are real fossils!"

In his travels Samuel has found some interesting art featuring dinosaurs and people in the same picture. ask any paleontologist and they'll tell you that's impossible.

"We have over 100,000 anomalies found around the world that show dinosaurs in art where they shouldn't be. So what better place to look at it than a dinosaur museum."

It's a dinosaur museum that needs your help. Through crowd sourcing on the T-Rex Museum hopes to raise enough money to move downtown.

Like the previous exhibits this will be hands on as kids will have an opportunity to create their own dinosaur art as the museum partners with local arts centers for the best experience.

"I love what they're doing downtown now, so maybe it's time for the Trex museum to come on back down there. I think we would be a major draw if we can just find the right circumstances."

If you'd like to contribute you can visit


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