May 1, 2013 1:47 AM by Sean Mooney

Tattoo shop burglary suspect not ready for his close up

TUCSON - The owner of a local tattoo shop hopes video he captured on a surveilence camera will help him catch a thief.

Twice in the last week the Enchanted Dragon Tattoo shop at 2237 E. Broadway has been hit.But time may be running out, for the would-be burgler because he left behind some up-close and personal clues that could identify him.

The alleyway behind the enchanted dragon tattoo shop was ideal for a criminal looking to steal items from the strip of businesses along broadway, it's dark and completely hidden from the street.

It happened just after 4 am, the surveilence camera activated when it detected motion behind the store. The suspect is seen on camera with a flashlight heading toward the corner of the building where climbs the wall and begins to dismantle the camera.

Owner Robert Tackett says the suspect made the mistake of getting too close in trying to get to the camera, "He got his face a little bit on the camera, then he took the camera thinking there was a memory card in it, maybe."

That was not the case, the camera was wired to Tackett's security command center where he was able to capture still images of the suspect's face and even identify the U of A hat he was wearing.

Tackett also discovered another clue, a tattoo inside the suspect's right forearm, one Tackett believes is an asian sign or symbol of some kind.

Tackett believes after disabling the camera the suspect attempted to break in to a storage shed and then returned two nights later, only to fail again.

While the attempted burglaries have not cost Tackett a lot of money he says these incidents still add up, "Some of it is a cost of business and an annoyance", he said, "the camera is $300 and you know $300 here, $300 there, it kinda adds up fast."

The enchanted dragon is in the process of upgrading its security system including replacing the stolen surveilence camera. If you have any information regarding the man in the video please call 911 or 88-Crime.


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