Feb 13, 2013 10:32 AM by Ryan Haarer

Tax time tips and tricks to simplify filing

TUCSON- There are some tips and tools you should know this year before filing.

For starters, make sure you know about deductions you've probably missed in the past.

"Probably the biggest one that is missed is the medical expenses. not everyone knows you can get that as an Arizona deduction, even if you do not meet the deduction for the federal," said CPA Gabrielle Luoma.

Several tablet and Smartphone apps like one from TurboTax are on the market to simplify the process of filing but how safe is it to put all your information on something so portable?

"I believe that it is safe. You do as much as you can to protect that information by putting difficult passwords. Things you cannot guess right off hand," said Luoma.

This year it may be particularly important to take those extra security steps. The IRS recently reported that the number of ID theft investigations tripled in 2012. A crackdown that resulted in a 20-billion dollar fraud prevention. One big way from reducing your paper trail is file online.

"There is a lot of identity theft through the mail and that sort of thing. Also, people getting random account numbers and things like that, they can put those on their tax returns," said Luoma.

Some may see a week delay in their return this year because of the IRS crackdown. Don't rely on them to protect yourself though. Be sure to keep your statements in a secure place, and change your passwords frequently.


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