Feb 18, 2013 10:35 PM by Rebecca Taylor

Teachers with guns, allowed under proposed new law

TUCSON - A proposed new law would permit Arizona school teachers to pack heat in the classroom.

The idea is the brainchild of Representative David Stevens of Sierra Vista and Attorney General Tom Horne.

Districts could voluntarily designate any employee to receive weapons training and keep them in a lockbox on campus, that includes teachers, principals or even school maintenance staff.

Arizona lawmakers want to prevent another mass shooting. But Tucsonans we talked with have mixed reactions to this idea.

On the soccer field parents cheer on their athletes.

In the classroom school security is top of mind.

Tucson father Stacy Reilly is in favor of arming schools.

"Somebody should, somebody responsible should have a gun on the premises," says Reilly.

He's not alone. Tucson dad Shahid Chaudhry says, "I think I'd feel more safe, more secure that my kids where they're going to school, someone's going to be able to defend them if something happens."

But the idea of firearms on campus doesn't set well with everyone.

Stacy Daugherty fears the effort could back-fire, creating more danger than it prevents.

"It scares me because I'm afraid that whoever is going against them, just might take the gun and use it back on them," says Daugherty.

She likes the idea of security officers, acting as a deterrent in all Arizona schools.

"And as a last resort ever I could see that being something reasonable. I think it's sad we've had to come to this in this day and age," says Daugherty.

Attorney General Tom Horne said district employees would go through a free 24-hour training course run by his investigators.


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