Jan 24, 2013 12:26 PM by Sam Salzwedel

Teen stabbed in unprovoked attack

TUCSON - A high school freshman was stabbed near Speedway Boulevard and Camino Seco Sunday night.

The attack seemed unprovoked, according to Tucson Police.

A boy thought he recognized somebody on a bicycle, so he yelled out to him. The person came over and confronted the group of about 6 people. He punched at Wyatt Short, knocked him to the ground and stabbed him, according to Short.

"I felt all the blood running down my back, and it kind of made me light-headed," Short said. "I've never met him before, so I guess he was just mad and decided to stab someone for no reason."

The blade almost hit Short in the spine. An ambulance rushed the Palo Verde High School student to the hospital.

His mom, Teresa Short, got the news while she was at work.

"It's shocking when you get a police officer show up and tell you that your child has been stabbed," she said.

The teens think it was a student from an East Side high school. Police have not made any arrests.

"I think parents should really start paying attention to having their kids out past dark," Teresa Short said. "This was clearly before curfew, but I really don't think it makes a difference."

Wyatt Short said the staples from the emergency room hurt more than the stabbing. He is not going to let the experience ruin his life.

"I'm still going to do everything I used to," He said, "because it's the first time anything ever like this has happened."


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