Apr 10, 2014 5:38 PM

Texas high school students engineer prosthetic hand for boy

Thanks to a new prosthetic hand, a young boy in Texas will get a chance to do things just like other children his age.

Zaxton can go nearly anywhere on two hands... on two feet... or on the shoulders of his big brother Christian.

But take a closer look and you'll see that this2-year-old boy is missing three fingers on his left hand.

"As a former student of his came in wanting to print a hand that was already designed by a man in South Africa, Mr. Wasson, our teacher, gave him a better idea."

Instead of a pre-made design for an adult, Leander High School robotics teacher Herb Wasson thought why not create a new one.

"For someone as small as Zaxton, I didn't think it was going to work."

So these three Leander High School juniors James Bell, Lexi Wilson and Jacob Ostrander stepped up to the plate.

"Each of us is good at a particular part of the project."

James, Lexi and Jacob spent months and countless hours perfecting the design. The first 3D printed hand was too big and it was followed by several others. It took five attempts to perfect the hand.

"All he has to do is bend his wrist a little and it curls the fingers."

Zaxton was born with only a thumb and a pinky. Their prosthetic will give him full use of his hand. The team still has plans to keep making it better. They aren't doing it for credit and they never expected to win State. Now this team is preparing to compete against teams from all over the country, but either way, they say they have already won.

Helping this boy do what others kids can design at a time.


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