Mar 3, 2013 12:35 AM by Nathan O'Neal

Thieves get away with Girl Scouts' cash

TUCSON - A Girl Scout troop was robbed at a Midtown Fry's store Saturday night.

It all happened around 7pm when a group of Girl Scouts was selling cookies when, they say, a couple of young women cased the place and distracted the girls.

"I screamed and I yelled they stole the cash box," said Kayla Chandler, a 12-year-old Girl Scout who was at the booth when the robbery took place.

One girl took off with the cashbox of hard-earned money and jumped into a silver car and sped off.

"It looks like it was planned because there was a car there that the lady jumped into," said 12-year-old Sidney Richey, who is a member of the troop.

The thieves got away with about $375 worth of cash and checks.

"My hand was on the cash box and then they grabbed it and my hand fell off and they just started running and we all chased after them," said Chandler.

However, it's especially upsetting for the girls because they're saving up for a trip to Europe.

"Just for that to happen because we've had counterfeit money this season and that was kind of hard because it comes out of our pocket. We were just devastated," said Michaela Everett, a 13-year-old troop member.

The girls plan on still selling cookies at the location and hope to help law enforcement find the suspects when they review the security footage from the store Sunday.

Their biggest hope is that this will not happen to other troop members who are just trying to work hard and sell cookies.


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