Apr 25, 2013 2:36 PM by Danielle Lerner

Thieves return stolen sculpture to BikeShopHub.com

UPDATE: The owner of BikeShopHub.com says the thieves who took his metal sculpture/bike rack returned the 800 pound piece Thursday morning.

"The rack came back! The thief sheepishly returned it a few minutes ago most likely under the pressure of all the news coverage," BikeShopHub.com president Josh Lipton said.

TUCSON - A new business in Tucson, victimized by thieves within hours of getting to town. Bikeshophub.com relocated from Flagstaff early last week, and it did not take long for a $5,000 bike rack and art piece to disappear. Just three hours after employees unloaded the metal sculpture, it was gone.

"It wasn't a critical piece to keeping things running smoothly but it's kind of like an emotional loss," said Bikeshophub.com President Josh Lipton. "It's like one of our things that represented our business."

The bike rack and sculpture have been with the company since its early days in Flagstaff. Transporting it to Tucson was no easy feat.

"It took eight people to unload it, we think it weighs 800 to 1,000 pounds," said Lipton.

Lipton thinks scrappers are to blame and says he is in touch with a nearby scrap metal yard just in case it turns up in one piece. Still, the loss has not halted business. The company is up and running, taking orders and shipping products from its warehouse on Flowing Wells Road. Lipton expects to be all moved in to the adjacent office in just a couple of weeks.

"It was a bit of a shock but everyone's been very welcoming and,other than that, the move went as smoothly as we can ask," he said. "We only stopped shipping really for one day so everything else has been great."

Lipton did file a police report and employees are keeping an eye out in case the rack turns up, but at this point they are taking it as a lesson not to leave anything unlocked outside.


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