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Oct 3, 2013 11:14 PM by Lupita Murillo

Thieves stealing items from unlocked vehicles

TUCSON - A rash of car thefts in Pima County and the victims are forgetting a simple thing to protect themselves-- locking doors.

Pima County Sheriff's investigator Ricardo Garcia says a Southside neighborhood has been the recent target. He says the thieves are going from vehicle to vehicle parked on the streets and in the driveway. It happened last week.

One victim, who asked to remain anonymous, says it's been "Very inconvenient to call banks and credit card companies." She says she's concerned hers and her husband's identity may be compromised. She tells News 4, "My husband's a Federal Agent, and I had lost my wallet with my military I-D, my driver's license, and all my credit cards."

The woman claims she inadvertently left the driver's side unlocked when she took her sleeping daughter from the car to the house. She came back and saw the passenger's side doors locked, she didn't realize the driver's side wasn't. "I believe they were watching me and that is really an uncomfortable feeling knowing these people are around no one is catching these people."

Ricardo Garcia, of the Pima County Sheriff's Auto Theft division, is investigating. "The thieves, normally approach the vehicle and they check to see what doors are left open. Anybody can be a victim, in that particular neighborhood there were three vehicles within the same street."

That's why the Pima County Sheriff's Department is urging people to lock their doors, and not to leave valuables in plain view. "If you have to leave them in your vehicle put them in trunk, cover them, put them somewhere, and do this before you reach your destination.", says Garcia. In other words, don't hide the items before getting out of your vehicle.


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