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May 14, 2013 1:05 AM by Tom McNamara

Thieves target Tucson Veteran

TUCSON - If there was a tool that could potentially lead police right to a criminal's door, you would think detectives would use it, right? Well, in the case of one Tucson Army veteran who was ripped off, that expectation doesn't seem to be the reality.

Christopher Knight served honorably in the United States Army. Now, he expects Tucson police to follow their motto-- "ready to protect, proud to serve."

Last week thieves busted down Knight's door at his home on Tucson's southwest side. They stole his big screen TV, video game console, computer equipment and one of his cell phones. About $2,500 worth.

"I was, you know, kind of frantic myself. I mean, I walked in, found my house, you know, kicked in, and I've got my wife and kids with me."

Knight's cell phone provider, Verizon, has a service that allows them to locate the phone, if contacted by law enforcement.

He says he's been able to watch, as people have used that stolen phone.

But, he says, TPD has so far been unwilling to contact Verizon.

"The last officer that was here about this situation, he spoke with two of his sergeants. He said they pretty much told him, to quote him "your stuff's not worth looking into." and I'm assuming he meant value. I mean, why else would they say that?"

The News 4 Tucson Investigators took Knight's concerns straight to TPD. Sgt. Chris Widmer assures us, they are continuing to pursue leads in the case.

"It's not the value, it's more of any type of evidence we have, or clue we have, or what's taken at the initial report that leads us to believe that we may be able to follow-up to make an arrest. So, it doesn't have to do with the dollar value, it has to do with the probability of an arrest being made.

Knight tells the News 4 Tucson Investigators he believes if police would find the person who stole his cell phone it might help detectives crack other burglary cases.

"I've looked at the call records, showed them, told them plenty of people that's willing to help. I wish they'd just do anything in any direction. It seems to me they got, you know, maybe fingerprints, and washed their hands of it."

TPD tells the News 4 Tucson investigators detectives will continue to follow up on Knight's case.

We'll also keep you posted on any new developments.

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