Feb 7, 2013 8:24 PM by Erika Flores

Third dog dumped in trash can in a month

TUCSON- Animal dumping is a crime that keeps repeating here in Tucson. Three dogs have now been found in the trash in the past month.

In January, Oscar was found in a trash can at Reid Park. Three days ago, Kennedy was found in a trash can at Kennedy Park.

On Sunday, Kimmy was found in a dumpster in the 3 thousand block of Bermuda near a quadplex.

No witnesses have come forward in this case, but Kimmy is now at the Pima Animal Care Center waiting for adoption.

She is about five-years-old and just gave birth to a litter of pups before being tossed into a dumpster.

The shelter said she's a healthy girl. They've been calling her Kimmy.

Her foster dad is a Pima Animal Care Center investigator. He gets to enjoy this cutie until she can be put up for adoption.

"Unfortunately a lot of our community members out there aren't owning up to the responsibility of taking care of animals," said Steven Montano, her foster caregiver.

The center rescued the Chihuahua Sunday in a dumpster near Country Club and Grant.

"It's very sad especially since there are places they can take the animal where the animal has the opportunity to get adopted into a forever home," said Montano.

Since she's still lactating, Kimmy will stay with Montano for at least a month.

"Then we'll get her fixed and get her adopted," said Montano.

Dog lovers like Daniel Curiel, can't fathom how anyone could do what was done to Kimmy.

"Why dump it away? Why? Especially her having puppies...it hurts," said Curiel.

Kimmy is the third dog in the past month to be dumped in the trash in Tucson.

"It doesn't happen that often, but lately it seems like it's been occuring frequently," said Jose Chavez with Pima Animal Care Center.

But there's an alternative way to drop off an unwanted pet.

"They shouldn't have any worries. We'll gladly accept the animal if they don't want them," said Chavez.

The Pima Animal Care Center accepts drop offs for free.

You can bring a stray pet or even your own here and drop them off so that the center can put them up for adoption.

There's also a drop off service at the Humane Society. They charge a 35 dollar fee to drop off your animal since it's a non-profit.

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