Biggest Loser

Nov 29, 2011 6:00 PM

This Biggest Loser brings whole new meaning to the 'Freshman 15'

TUCSON - In June of 2009 Amberly Roudybush was just 17 years old but she already weighed 270 pounds. She says she needed an inhaler just to wash the dishes. That, combined with bullying from her high school classmates, sparked her desire to make a change.

"I couldn't even walk a mile without really losing my breath," Roudybush said. "I just wanted to eat all day."

That is when she knew something had to change. So she started working out, walking at first then running. She also switched up her eating habits, turning to six small and healthy meals per day.

"I just took it slow, slow dieting, slow exercise and then once you see the progression of losing weight then you start to want to do it some more," she said.

The changes paid off. Amberly lost 70 pounds in the first five months and went on to lose an additional 50 pounds. Her weight loss totals 120 pounds in two years.

Now a sophomore at the U of A, Amberly is still committed to eating right and exercising five days a week.

"It's very difficult to go to school and eat healthy especially, and workout because you are swamped with homework but you have to put aside just one hour a day," Roudybush said.

With the holidays in full swing Amberly knows there will be plenty of temptations to test her will power, but she has some advice to stay on track.

"Don't punish yourself, because that makes dieting and your new lifestyle like it's a punishment so you don't want to continue it," she said. "Portion size though, if you want that Christmas cookie, eat one Christmas cookie, don't eat the whole box."

Amberly is not done yet she says she wants to lose even more weight by eating right and upping her exercise.

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