Biggest Loser

Nov 1, 2011 6:47 PM

This week's Biggest Loser faces mortality head on

TUCSON - David McIntosh just moved to Tucson four months ago. He's been riding the weight loss elevator up and down for years.

Right now he's stuck at a weight that doctors call morbidly obese. But he's working hard to make a lifestyle change that will save his life.

"Your body is like ‘this really has to happen now,' you know, you're sort of out of time to screw around anymore," David said.

David is facing mortality head on. Heart disease took both of his parents in their early fifties. Weighing in at 380 pounds, this 40-year-old father knows his weight is killing him. "It affects every bit of your life, you can't walk much, you end up just staying home. And that makes the problem even worse," David said.

That's why David wants to be Tucson's Biggest Loser. He's trying to get a workout routine off the ground. But it's a struggle for David to do even a few push-ups. Leg lifts leave him breathless. So David gets his exercise by walking with his 2-year-old son Jack. Pushing the stroller, every step gets David one step closer to his ultimate goal, more time with Jack. "I want to see him getting married, see him have kids, and I want to hold my grandkids," David said.

His family history and a recent checkup made David, and his wife Cheryl, realize they needed to take action right away.

"You know the primary concern was getting him healthy, because before it was like, you know, ‘oh there's always time.' It was never really that sense of urgency," Cheryl said.

David agrees: the time for action is now. "I need to be here for him, and I look at my wife and she's been so amazing through everything, through when I got to my top, so helpful. I have to do it for them," said David.


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