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Jun 7, 2013 8:57 PM by Lupita Murillo

TPD commander ordered by court to turn over firearms

TUCSON - A commander of the Tucson Police Department has been ordered by a court to surrender his firearms.

The commander is not at work. Tucson Police tells News 4 he is on vacation.

News 4 Tucson is not naming the commander because he hasn't been charged with a crime. We do know an Order of Protection was served on the commander earlier this week. It involves allegations of domestic violence.

The commander is a veteran police officer. The Order of Protection was taken out by a former girlfriend. Her attorney tells News 4 Tucson she did this because she had concerns regarding her safety. The attorney says, this was a long term relationship.

News 4 uncovered court documents that show a history of alleged physical and emotional abuse.

In April 2013, court documents the commander texted a family member of the victim's and said, "To hurry up and die."

Those documents show in last August he told the victim, "He would put me in a grave and rot like I deserved."

In May of 2012, the accuser told the court "The commander pushed her against the wall and told her he would bash her face in and shoot her if he saw her again."
In the documents, the accuser also claims, "The commander monitored her actions utilizing law enforcement issued computers and radios on a daily basis."

Tucson Police tell News 4 Tucson, the commander is not under investigation. They say he is using his own time to deal with this matter. The commander has 10 days to respond to the Order of Protection.


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