Mar 12, 2013 1:45 AM by Sean Mooney

TPD holds "live" training sessions to better prepare officers

Tucson- Everyday Tucson police officers head out for duty not knowing what to expect. On Monday the Tucson Police Department held training exercises to help them be better prepared.

The purpose of the exercises is to put officers in dangerous situations as close to real life as possible. In the scenario used during the operation it was a "man with a gun".

The officers involved in the exercise are on duty and are then randomly pulled out of service. They are told to go to a location for training. They are briefed and then wait for the call. Once it comes it's up to the officers and how they react.

TPD Sgt. Daniel Spencer says when dealing with someone with a weapon an officer never really knows what to expect and that is why training exercises like this are necessary.

"No one scenario is the same when they encounter it but there are certain aspects that are similar to one another", said Spencer, "this gives them the ability to apply the tools and technology that they have in their tool box appropriate to each situation."

This particular training scenario involved an intoxicated man who had returned to a bar with a gun.

Patrol Officer Steve Perkins, who participated in the training session says the experience is very real, "In this scenario there is an active shooter, simulated gunshots, so you are forced to react to that, you don't have time to get all your resources together and it's a go, so you do what you are trained to do."

This was the second training session TPD has had this year. The last one was at Salpointe High School. Ideally the department would like to have one of these training sessions every 6 to 8 weeks.


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