Aug 27, 2013 12:35 AM by Rebecca Taylor

TPD officer credited with saving child's life speaks with reporters

TUCSON - A Tucson toddler who nearly drowned after falling in a shallow pond at Golf N Stuff will "likely survive". That's according to Tucson Police.

Two officers who jumped into action, performing CPR on the 23-month old are being credited with saving her life.

Before joining the police department, Officer Jeremy Hall was a firefighter and EMT.

He says training and his fatherly instinct kicked in.

"I was an EMT for about 10 years so honestly it becomes second nature," said Officer Hall.

Officer Hall was a mile down the road when he got the call of a missing toddler turning up in a pond of water.

Ted Williams is Golf N Stuff's General Manager.

"They were on the 17th hole, we think Mom thought that Dad had her, and she kind of slipped away," said Williams, "We think probably she was after a little duck or something and dropped in the water."

Williams says golfers jumped in to help.

Officer Billy Daniel who works security for Golf N Stuff started CPR and called for backup.

"They pulled her out close to that bridge," describes Williams.

Her condition once critical is improving, doctors say she'll likely survive.

For both officers, both fathers the scare touched their hearts.

"I am, I have a 6 year old son, it's nice we don't get a lot of victories in this job, so when we get something like this it's really good," said Officer Hall.

Williams says Officer Daniel has been calling the hospital for daily updates.

"He has some personal experiences because he has a 2 year old granddaughter, so it really hit home for him," says Williams.

Officer Daniel is a 26 year veteran of TPD. He's worked at Golf N Stuff for 15 years.


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