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Oct 2, 2013 9:46 PM by Sam Salzwedel

Traffic signals ready for indirect left

TUCSON - Arizona Department of Transportation crews turned off the traffic signals at Ina and Oracle Roads Wednesday to get ready for the "indirect left turn."

Pima County Sheriff's Deputies directed traffic while the ADOT workers wired 3 traffic signals together. The U-turn signals to the east and west of the intersection are now on the same system as the main lights. The new timing should prevent drivers from stopping at more than 1 of the 3 lights.

Maryann Pucciarelli-Oaks runs a business called Just Frame It on the southeast corner of the intersection.

"It's the buzz of the neighborhood over here," she said. "Everyone is commenting, and some are for it. Some are against it."

Drivers cannot make left turns from the east and westbound lanes. They must go through, make a U-turn, then turn right at the light.

The Director of the Pima County Department of Transportation, Priscilla Cornelio, said drivers are easily adjusting to the new traffic flow.

"I think they'll adapt very quickly," Cornelio said. "Already, there have been less delays. People understand what's been happening."

Cornelio said her department will evaluate data in 6 months and it expects delays to drop by 40 percent. An estimated 96,000 vehicles pass through the intersection every day.

The work had to be done during the day because workers were dealing with hundreds of wires and detailed electrical work. It was also safer for deputies to conduct traffic in better lighting conditions. The county also did dome median work during the restrictions.


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