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Jul 25, 2013 12:26 AM by Kristi Tedesco

Transplant Day for Lizzie Bell

MINNEAPOLIS, MN. - Lizzie Bell is just hours from receiving her bone marrow transplant at the University of Minnesota Medical Center.

Lizzie has endured a lifetime of Diamond Blackfan Anemia, a blood disorder that prevents her bone marrow from making vital cells.

Lizzie has an international, male donor who's unidentified at this time. His bone marrow is being flown-in and will be transplanted into Lizzie early Thursday morning.

According to Lizzie's mom, Kathy Flores Bell, "the bag of cells is not pumped in... the use of gravity moves the cells into her line and body (via the) Hickman IV or Central line."

Stay with Kristi's Kids and News 4 Tucson for the latest on Lizzie's condition.

To learn more about Lizzie Bell and her effort to boost blood and bone marrow donations, click here:


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