Jan 31, 2013 8:41 PM by Nathan O'Neal

Tucson attorneys seek action against crime-ridden apartment complex

TUCSON - City Attorneys are taking action against a midtown apartment complex, which they said, is one of the most crime-ridden spots in Tucson because it has become a legal "nuisance."

At Retro City Apartments, it's not uncommon to see police on the property at least once a day. Several neighbors of the complex told News 4 Tucson they have been living in fear.

One woman who asked us not to identify her lives right next door to Retro City.

"It's drug infested, it's crime infested," she said.

One of several neighbors we spoke with today, she said it's no secret what goes on at the apartment complex.

"We've had people come over the fence and stabbings in our parking lot. My son has been shot at," she said, adding: "I had an altercation with somebody and got beaten severly once...this is just what it is living next to them."

City officials currently have two large binders that detail all the calls made to law enforcement and arrests within the past year.

Those numbers are staggering: 476 calls made to police, 120 calls to fire department or emergency services, and 81 arrests made in 2012.

"It's like watching a show out my dining room window every single day," said one neighbor.

The city sent a notice to the property owner, Shahram Afshani who is based out of California, ordering them to clean up the crime.

An attorney for Retro City sent News 4 Tucson this statement:

"Retro City and the Tucson Police Department are working together to increase communication ... to help reduce crime and criminal activity in and around Retro City Apartments. We hope this cooperative effort will increase safety not only for Retro City residents but for all Tucsonans in the surrounding neighborhoods."

City attorneys said that the apartment complex will have 30 days from when the notice was sent to clean up their act or the city will step in and take further action on them.


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