Feb 5, 2013 7:40 PM by Nathan O'Neal

Tucson bans gun shows that don't require background checks

TUCSON - Tucson city leaders made a bold statement today about gun control , voting unanimously to require background checks with every gun sale made on city property.

City Council members voted to advance the resolution that Council Member Steve Kazochik put forth, which goes into effect immediately.

The study session that took place this afternoon at City Hall was a divided room, divided by ideologies, brought together by a common concern: gun control.

"Oh my gosh, we were so happy," said Judy Aitken, who came to support the initiative, adding: "We worked very hard for this day to come and it's a great score for us."

The vote was unanimous, essentially banning gun shows that allow private vendors to sell guns without background checks from taking place on all city property, including the Tucson Convention Center.

The move, however, isn't sitting well with gun advocates.

"Isn't that our property?" asked Ken Rineer, President of Gun Owners of Arizona. ""It's not the city's. They're not the owner. You and I are the owner of the property...they manage it."

Lori McMann runs the gun shows that typically are housed at the TCC. She said they'll likely move their shows out of the TCC and into the county.

"We'll have to because you can't have the only gun show in the state that has background checks on private parties," said McMann.

Critics of the new policy are fearful for what it could mean for gun owners in the future.

"I think it's in conflict with state law what they propose to do, if they want to do that, so be it... Go ahead," said Rineer.

McMann agrees: "It will be the entire city of Tucson before they realize it, they will not be able to have guns on."


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