Jun 7, 2013 10:11 AM by Samantha Ptashkin

Tucson: Best Mexican food in the US?

TUCSON- Typically Tucson lures visitors with promises of plentiful sunshine and scenic views.

But now one Tucsonan is teaming up with Visit Tucson to make sure the Old Pueblo is known across the country as the best place to eat Mexican food.

Chris DeSimone, who does marketing for Gray Line Tours, got the idea while developing a cuisine tour called "Best of the Barrio". "We actually hand drew a map of where we thought the best Mexican places were in Tucson," DeSimone says.

The result is a campaign he and Visit Tucson are calling "The Best 23 Miles of Mexican Food". "It's kind of the 'comida pura', which is the purest form of Mexican food you can get here," DeSimone says.

The campaign has already appeared in travel magazines, with several local restaurants on board. "It goes all the way from places like La Estrella Bakery at 5266 S 12th Avenue, to such icons like El Charro Cafe and Cafe Poca Cosa.

DeSimone says they have also collaborated with city officials to put up signs along roadways, alerting drivers that they are now entering into the 23 square mile zone. "Texas is very Tex-Mex and then in east Los Angeles, you'll have sonoran food, but it gets barraged by a number of influences in the L.A. area," DeSimone says.

They're hoping to make the campaign a cornerstone for revitalizing Tucson tourism.

To learn more about the campaign visit: www.visittucson.org/things-to-do/restaurants/23-miles-mexican-food/

You can also check out the Facebook page: "The Best 23 Miles of Mexican Food".


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