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Nov 30, 2010 6:12 PM

Tucson Biggest Loser: Local radio host drops 100 pounds

TUCSON - When this week's Biggest Loser Tucson turned 40 his weight steadily grew.

Wildcat fans may be familiar with Kevin Woodman's voice; he can be heard on 1290 AM, The Source's radio station.

For the past few years he hid behind the microphone, as his weight hit a peak at 407 pounds.

"You kind of hide from life you know you hide from people you hide from situations. I didn't go out. You really live a sheltered life," said Woodman.

"On air he is very confident you wouldn't know that it's the same guy in person. In person he was very timid almost stepped back and didn't let himself shine," said his trainer Will Valenzula.

Woodman has always been heavier, but it became a health concern.

He said when he turned 40 his metabolism slowed down and weight became a big issue. A visit to the doctor was a wakeup call.

He suffered from type 2 diabetes and that was the first time he saw the number on the scale.

"It was like an epiphany moment. It really scared the hell out of me," said Woodman.

He said being a member of SWAT fitness changed his life. Within six months he had dropped 100 pounds.

"He's always had the heart and determination coming into the gym and putting in the hours but it was really getting his outside life together getting him to stay focused," said Valenzula.

For Woodman, he needed to concentrate on eating healthy by cutting down on processed foods and carbohydrates.

"Now I am looking to go out, looking to meet people to recapture the 15 years that I have lost," said Woodman.


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