Biggest Loser

Nov 16, 2010 5:42 PM

Tucson Biggest Loser shares how she changed her life

TUCSON - After three pregnancies in just four years, Teresa Ryberg found herself at her highest weight ever. She gained more than 60 pounds.

"Being at that weight I just wasn't happy," said Ryberg.

Back in July 2009, Ryberg realized there was no quick fix or magic pill to shed the pounds, so she decided to take part in a friendly competition with her family to lose the weight.

"Everyone put in a $100 to see who could lose the most weight, and that's what kind of prompted me to get going."
Ryberg won the competition and lost 55 pounds. The positive results motivated her to start waking up at 4 a.m. to hit the gym. Over time, she started seeing results.

"I've changed, not only physically, but mentally. It has just completely changed my whole outlook on who I am." Ryberg said having "me" time was necessary to make a change, but said her family, especially her husband, is what kept her going.

"It's inspiring, it's got me to start working out and running again," said Lance Ryberg.

More than a year later and 10 dress sizes smaller, Ryberg's at her lowest weight and says after years of struggling with her body image, she admits she's happier now knowing her life has changed forever.

We are still looking for more Biggest Loser Tucson contestants. If you have a weight loss story or know someone who does, just log onto our website at KVOA.COM.


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