Jun 18, 2013 12:17 PM by Sean Mooney

Tucson City Hall tightens security

TUCSON - City Hall is a little safer now as new security measures have been put in place. It's all part of a plan to keep high profile city officials and buildings better protected.

The first implementation of the plan included assigning a Tucson Police officer to the security detail for Mayor Jonathan Rothschild in February. The expanded security plan was announced last month.

Before the new security measures were added, people could access City Hall through two entrances and then head straight to the building's elevators without going through any screening process. As of Monday, that is no longer the case.

From now on people must enter City Hall from the north entrance and pass through security. The process is much the same as other secured buildings, with those entering having to pass through a metal detector and have their bags searched. Visitors will now also have to sign in and wear a visitors badge.

TPD Captain David Azuelo says it was not any one incident that prompted them to move forward with the added security at City Hall but rather a sign of the times.

"There was no one catalyst that caused us to do this", said Azuelo. "It was really more of a wholistic approach, evaluating current trends across the country."

While the new security may be an added inconvenience, David Romero, a frequent visitor to City Hall, says he understands why the extra security is necessary.

"Unfortunately, there's a lot of people who mean harm out there and if this is going to keep us safe then, so be it," he says.

There are plans to add even more security to City Hall including an xray machine and additional cameras throughout the building.


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