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Sep 15, 2013 9:16 PM by Nathan O'Neal

Tucson college student caught up Colorado flooding

TUCSON - As residents in the Boulder, Colorado, area deal with extensive damage, it's the historic flooding there that has one Tucson mother worried about her daughter who goes to school at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

The unrelenting rains in Colorado have left thousands of homes destroyed or damaged and hundreds of people unaccounted for as the region is on alert for additional flash flooding through possibly Monday.

It's a mother's worst nightmare - to have her child in the middle of fierce flooding - and unable to help while hundreds of miles away.

When Holly Small got call from her daughter Victoria a few days ago, a sense of panic rushed over her.

"[Victoria] said, ‘I'm okay but we don't have school tomorrow," Holly said, as she continued to question why. "She was like ‘mom, the flooding ... the roads are flooded... they're rivers."

Holly is just thankful that her daughter has been in contact with her every step of the way - even sending her photos of the initial flooding.

"The one image, it looked like it was Niagra Falls," Holly told News 4 Tucson. "There were literally falls coming from apartment complexes off the balconies, off to the next onto the roads."

Victoria has been staying in her sorority house which is located on a hill - but her basement was still flooded.

"It was really strange being from Tucson because I'm not used to it..." Victoria said. " But the school just started sending out continuous alerts saying that the Boulder Creek was overflowing and that it was getting really, really dangerous."

Victoria said that she was thankful to be safe but was saddened that it wasn't the case for everyone else.

"It got kind of crazy and of course everyone wanted to go outside to see and that's actually how some lives were lost," Victoria said.

The University of Colorado at Boulder has notified its students that classes will resume Monday but will continue to keep them on high alert for the risk of additional flash flooding.


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