Sep 19, 2013 9:25 PM by Nathan O'Neal

Tucson dad upset charter school has no nurse

TUCSON - A one-man protest outside of a local charter school is critical that it has no nurse on staff and he wants to change the law.

Adam Foster rarely leaves the sidewalk in front of Presidio School lately. He has stood out there protesting for nine days in hopes of bringing attention to the fact that the school has no nurse.

He is fearful for the safety of his daughter Breanna who is diabetic.

"That's why I stand out here, just in case she needs it," Adam said.

He stands outside all day with her Glucagon shot - which is to be used in case of an emergency if her blood sugar level were to unexpectedly drop.

"If I go low and no one is there... you could get brain damage and possibly end up dying from not getting the Glucagon when I need it," Breanna explained.

Adam's frustration comes from the fact that Presidio does not have a school nurse on staff - and like many charter schools - it isn't required to have one.

The school's policy states: "Medical injections are best performed by those who have been properly trained in the procedure, and Presidio School does not have a nurse or other healthcare professional on staff. Therefore, administration of medications via injection will not be performed by Presidio School."

The school's director declined an on-camera interview but told News 4 Tucson that they are following the law and if an emergency were to come up, they would call 9-1-1.

But that's not enough for Adam.

"They want to put their policies and stuff before safety of children... it's just not right, safety should come first," Adam said, adding that pulling his kids out of the school isn't an option because he appreciates the quality of the education. He just wants the law to change and require all charters schools to have nurses on campus.

"If she were to bottom out, there would be no one here to help her," Adam said.

He hopes to work with local leaders to push for real change and eventually get the issue on the ballot.


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