Nov 1, 2013 10:33 AM by Ryan Haarer

Tucson dentist will buy your leftover Halloween candy

TUCSON - Dentists all over the country are participating in the buyback including Dr. Paul Leatham here in Tucson. After today's collection the candy will be shipped to troops stationed overseas.

"Get your favorite pieces and then some of the stuff you're like, I don't want this! I can't believe I got dots again! Or I can't believe I got this again! You know, candy corn, who eats that still? But they eat it if it's just sitting there. Bring it back and instead get a little bit of money," said Dr. Leatham.

He'll give you one dollar a pound. Take the cash and avoid those cavities. Dr. Leatham says kids are starting to have more cavities than in the last decade.

"Sticky candies especially like to stick to the teeth and then they are on the tooth for a long period of time. And when they are there for a long period of time it gives the bacteria a long time to turn that sugar into acid. And then that's what's causing the cavity."

Every piece sold to Dr. Leatham will go to the troops under operation gratitude. Over 2,000 dentists are participating nationwide.

"We have a five dollar maximum that we'll pay out but we'll be more than happy to accept more candy to send over to our troops."

Dr. Leatham is located at 899 North Wilmot in suite e-4. They'll be taking candy from noon to five and they even have a raffle going on for an electronic brush.


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