Jul 18, 2013 3:26 PM by Danielle Lerner

Tucson dog stars in new family film

TUCSON- A local dog and her owner are getting a taste of the Hollywood spotlight. Nancy Lavigne's Dachsund Lana stars in the new movie "Wiener Dog Nationals."

It is a classic underdog story. A rescued Dacshund named "Shelly" is vying to win first at the Wiener Dog Nationals race. Lana plays "Princess," one of four star dogs stealing the show. Lavigne's other dog Poppy serves as Lana's racing double.

Their journey to the silver screen started with a stroke of luck, when Lavigne responded to a casting call on Facebook.

"We just came aboard," Lavigne said. "They had no training whatsoever and Lana had a very easy part in it, she was held during the whole movie by Morgan Fairchild."

Two weeks in California and two movie premieres later Lavigne and her dogs are still hard at work, giving back. They raise money for the Saguaro Dachsund Rescue, gather dog food for Casa Maria's soup kitchen and visit local assisted living facilities.

"We just had a really wonderful time, we met a lot of great people," said Lavigne. "It was great, a great experience."

The movie was released in California then went straight to DVD. It is now available on Redbox and is set to hit Netflix soon. Lavigne hopes to host a screening of the film in the near future to raise even more money for Dachsund rescues.


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