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Apr 3, 2013 2:07 AM by Nichole Szemerei

Tucson drivers wonder: Lots of cones, where's the work?

TUCSON - The "cones without a cause" are on Speedway Boulevard between Cherry and Campbell Avenues.

"It's really messed up, it holds people back, it makes me go to school late, I've missed class previously," says U of A student, Peter Santa Cruz.

"My friends and I have been trying to make some conjecture as to why these are here and we really can't figure out why," says another student.

The speed limit is reduced from 35 to 25 miles per hour and there are vertical panels lining the lanes.

"I've seen the cones, I've seen no construction, it really makes me wonder why?" says Santa Cruz.

With so many people wondering what's going on, News 4 went to the city and found out the work is under Speedway at the Warren Avenue underpass.

The city's project construction manager says the restrictions are to minimize reverberation.

"It's definitely decreased any type of vibration we would feel or that the structure would experience while we're doing construction. you can visibly see traffic slowing down up top and we've been able to do this without actually restricting any of the lanes," says Joe Chase.

If you look closely, there are notifications stating where the work is, but after The Investigators contacted the city with drivers' complaints, things could be changing.

"We may actually look at doing some signing, some specialized signage out there, noticing folks of work below. That's something that's in the process that we're going to do," says Chase.

Restrictions on Speedway will be in place through mid-May.

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