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Jan 14, 2013 11:11 PM by Sean Mooney

Tucson eateries vigilant in flu fight

The flu is now being classified as "widespread" in 47 states. Many states have also reporting up to 10 times the number of cases than last year.

Fortunately at this point Arizona has remained in the moderate zone with no deaths but businesses that serve the public, especially restaurants, aren't taking any chances.

Keeping food preparation areas clean must is an absolute priority in a restaurant but this years hyper flu season has prompted restaurant manager's like Joe Mullen, from Jonathan's Cork, to take what they normally do to combat germs to another level.

"It's pretty much the same all year but because of the flu season you try to do a little more and beyond the normal," Mullen said.

That means more hand washing and continued sanitizing of surfaces and items in the restaurant. Cleanliness is always on the menu.

Acacia restaurant is taking the same precautions. Owner and Chef, Albert Hall, says he has also spread the word to his staff not to spread their germs. "If anyone is feeling sick we encourage them to stay home until they are feeling better."

Both restaurants say sick staff has not been a problem so far. and according to Acacia server, Mychal Trujillo, there is a good reason for that.

"We are definitely more mindful of not only what we are touching but what are guests are touching and keeping those surfaces clean."

Mary Jane Henley says she frequently dines out and says catching the flu at a restaurant is not a big concern to her, "I think we are very confident that the places we frequent are careful with their staff and their precautions."


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