Feb 24, 2013 7:59 PM by Erika Flores

Tucson events boost economy

TUCSON-Match Play just wrapped up, so did the Desert Diamond Cup and so did the rodeo.

All these events give a big boost to the local economy.

Vendors at the rodeo tell us they are happy with their gains.

It's the first year Miguel Esquer sold these Mexican leather goods right outside of the rodeo grounds.

"It's a good business," said Esquer.

Esquer said he racked up 13 hundred dollars in three hours Saturday.

"Ya it's a lot. Ya," said Esquer.

That same day, the rodeo sold out.

"It's a very economic oriented plus for Tucson, and our vendors keep coming back because obviously they do well," said Bill Schurg, with the Tucson Rodeo.

Schurg said 8 thousand to 11 thousand people go to the rodeo each day about 40 percent are tourists.

"The overall economic impact of a rodeo in Tucson is about 16 million dollars annually," said Schurg.

Qamile Reynolds was at the rodeo for the first time.

"Looking at all the booths that have good stuff like hats and cowboy boots," said Reynolds.

She decided to buy a red hat at Donna McCormick's booth at the rodeo after trying on a pink one.

Jacob Jackson, from Vail, is also shopping for a hat keeping vendors like McCormick and Esquer in business.

"I hope I come here next year," said Esquer.

Some vendors who have selling at the rodeo for years said they noticed just a slight drop in sales this year.

They think it's because of the weather.


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