Jan 16, 2013 9:06 AM by Samantha Ptashkin

Tucson father soothes families of fallen soldiers with music

TUCSON- Inside Bob Huff's Northwest side home sits hundreds of letters from families of fallen soldiers.

They are letters of loss, a loss Huff wishes he didn't understand. His daughter, Sam Huff, was killed in Iraq in April 2005. She was just 18-years-old, a graduate of Mountain View High School.

Huff remembers the day his doorbell rang with the news. "I remember asking them is she hurt, just tell me she's hurt, she's going to be okay and of course that wasn't the case," Huff says.

After that, not a lot made sense, but Huff found relief in music.

He had been putting together a CD of guitar songs, when his producer convinced him to send a copy of the CD to military families who have lost their loved ones in war.

With the help of several friends, including former "Up with People" Technical Director, Steve Rokowski, Huff created the 15 song CD, which is named "Sun and Moon". It spells out SAM, in honor of his daughter.

The title track "Sun and Moon" features a track of Sam playing the flute when she was 16. She was an active member in the Mountain View marching band.

Over the last six years Huff and Rokowski have sent the CD to nearly 5,000 military families. "It has been a real good thing for me, to feel like I'm doing something for these families," Huff says. "Then I get feedback from them, letters, emails..."

While those letters are filled with loss, they are also letters of thanks. Huff reads one from the wife of a fallen soldier: "Thank you for not only thinking of the fallen soldiers, but their families as well, it means so much, even now".

Huff says it doesn't matter if the families listen to one song, or all 15. "Basically I just want them to have a few minutes to feel better about things," Huff says.

"The Sun and Moon Project" is funded entirely through donations. Huff and Rokowski have managed to raise $17,000 through the years from nearly 100 donors.

If you would like to make a donation, make a check payable to "Sun and Moon Military CD Account" and send it to Steve Rokowski, 4167 W. Adobe Ranch Place, Marana, AZ, 85658.


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