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Mar 15, 2014 9:30 PM by Matt Fernandez

Tucson Festival of Books attracts thousands

TUCSON - From the youngsters to the adults everyone is checking out the festival. There is more than 300 booths set up that features famous authors like R.L. Stine. There is also fun and games for the kids. Festival executive director Marcy Euler says the festival is all about promoting literacy.

"We are a non-profit, all the proceeds from the festival go in the community to support literacy programming we try to bring kids to the festival from schools in low income areas and we give free books to as many kids we can, we have about 6,000 books."

Michelle Zubel and her family know the important of reading. They are checking about the festival of books. Jeff Zubel says he make sure his daughters stay on top of reading.

"Make sure they read every night, my oldest daughter has to read 15-30 minutes a day for school. My youngest daughter we read every night, she always has to have 3 books, that can take awhile but has to be three books so we go through 3 books and she loves doing that."

More than 300 authors are on hand showing off their books, signing autographs, and spreading the word of the importance of reading. Author James Ransome is from New York. He illustrates and writes children's books.

"The more books they read to them the better the vocabulary will be because it will help with their writing and that is the point of all this so we have more literate people who enjoy books."

Euler says it's not only about the kids. Proceeds from this festival will go towards the literacy connects program which helps adults to read.


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