Nov 20, 2012 6:27 PM by Ian Cross

Tucson Fire assists in clearing hazardous chemical spill at Raytheon

TUCSON - Tucson Fire responded to a chemical spill inside a building at Raytheon this morning; the building was evacuated and the area was made safe within about 20 minutes.

At about 10 a.m. Tuesday morning, Tucson Fire received a call from Raytheon requesting assistance with mitigation of a known substance that was spilled inside a building on their property, according to a TFD news release.

"A unified command structure was set up and a plan was shared with crews to begin clean up," Tucson Fire Captain Jeff Langejans stated in the release. "A hazardous materials scene can be very complex and require lots of resources. An entry team must have a back up team ready for their own safety and then there other teams like decontamination, rehabilitation, safety, status, medical and others."

TFD's 12 units and 27 firefighters worked with the Raytheon Fire Department to render the scene safe within about 20 minutes. Due to proprietary Raytheon secrets, the chemical involved, the cause of the spill, and the extent of damages has not been made public.


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