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Jun 14, 2013 7:18 PM by Brian White

Tucson Fire, Northwest crews rescue man from raw sewage pipe

TUCSON - Crews from Northwest and Tucson Fire rescued a man from a raw sewage pipe Friday.

A nearby security guard heard shouts for help and called the treatment facility. Police and firefighters located the man, who was in the pipe with the hatch closed.

The rescue teams were able to lower a ladder 6 feet down the hatch. The naked man climbed out under his own power, Northwest Fire spokesman Cpt. Adam Goldberg said.

The pipes that run sewage to the plant are about 48 to 54 inches tall, Goldberg said.

"We were getting ready to call additional units in case he wasn't able to climb out on his own," Goldberg said.

The unidentified man retold a story almost impossible to believe. He claimed to be in the sewage pipe for three days. He entered through a point near downtown, he said.

The man said he was desperately dehydrated and needed to drink something, so he told Goldberg he was forced to drink the sewage. He was treated at University of Arizona Medical Center.


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