Sep 11, 2013 10:46 AM by Ryan Haarer

Tucson hero says 9/11 pushed him to become an EMT

TUCSON- It seems our men and women in uniform react without hesitation. They'll tell you it's part of the job but we see them as heroes.

One local EMT is being honored as one of three heros by UAMC. His name is Jason Hamilton, an EMT with Rural Metro. The events on September 11, 2001 pushed him to be an EMT.

Within a matter of months Jason saved not one but two lives. One night after a shift Jason was driving home when he saw what he thought was a drunk driver. When the woman crashed he found it was actually an elderly woman going through cardiac arrest.

"She had no pulse, no respirations. I did CPR on her until Drexel Heights got there and gave her the further care with the equipment she needed," said Hamilton.

Then just a few months later a young boy was on the verge of choking to death in the parking lot of St. Mary's Hospital.

"The dad pulled into the ER. Said he was choking on something. I picked him up and tried to get him in the emergency room. They were having trouble opening the doors. I did a couple of back blows on him and a quarter fell out of his throat."

Jason has 11 years of EMT experience under his belt. He credits his training to saving those lives and says he's no hero.

"It feels weird. I just feel like I am doing my job. It's what were trained to do, it's what we are out there to do."


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