Mar 28, 2013 2:41 PM

Tucson leaders gather to "Demand Action" on gun violence

SOUTH TUCSON - Dozens of people turned out Thursday at the city hall plaza in South Tucson for the National Day of Action to End Gun Violence.

They say they want gun laws reformed and to include universal background checks on all firearm purchases.

Among the speakers were Bishop Gerald Kicanas of the Tucson Diocese, Dr. Peter Rhee, the head trauma surgeon at the University of Arizona Medical Center and Patricia Maisch, who stopped gunman Jared Loughner from reloading his 9mm on January 8th. Nineteen people were wounded, and six were killed.

Mavy Stoddard, whose husband was killed on January 8 spoke with News 4 Tucson about gun laws, "make them work. They're already there. Just make them work. If it means fines, then do that. Quit selling to the wrong people. And if it takes a three day check, then do that. But do something. Put your own family into that situation."

But Todd Rathner from the National Rifle Association said the group's plans are not clear enough, "NRA members are not going to tolerate any more restrictions on law abiding citizens. We've had enough. We're not going to tolerate anymore. If they want to enforce the laws that already on the books that stop bad people from having guns. That stop the mentally defective from having guns that's fine."

He said mental health has to be a part of the discussion moving forward, "they don't want the mental health records entered into the NIC's database which would prevent people with mental health problems from buying guns because they think it's a violation of those peoples privacy."

Bunny Davis, who represents Moms Demand Action said they want Arizona senators John McCain and Jeff Flake to hear their pleas, "the more of us that show up the more the country will reflect what we as a nation want to have happen."


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