Sep 26, 2013 2:04 AM by Samantha Ptashkin

Tucson man recovering after freak trampoline accident

TUCSON- Blake Haines had his whole life ahead of him. The 20 year old had recently joined the National Guard and on September 30 he was supposed to start working at Bombardier Aerospace.

But a couple of weeks ago the plan unexpectedly changed.

Haines was with friends at Get Air Tucson, a trampoline park located at 330 S. Toole. "I kind of was thinking oh it's a foam pit I can do anything," Haines says.

But a few seconds later, after doing a triple front flip, Haines made a landing that left him nearly paralyzed. "I just remember landing and my head jerked back and I heard a snap," Haines says.

Now Haines can't move his legs or hands. "First I was like Lord, what are you doing?" Haines says. "I need my feet, I need my hands, I'm a mechanic."

A few days ago he checked in to the Barrow's Neuro Rehab Center in Phoenix. He says prayers and support from friends and family are keeping up his spirits.

According to UAMC, trampoline accidents are common in the ER. They see about three to four accidents a week. "We know it can possibly happen," Patti Goodell says.

Goodell is the owner of Get Air Tucson. She says safety is the company's number one priority. The Get Air Tucson website has safety videos posted online. Customers also have to sign a waiver that explains all the risks involved.

"We implement every safety rule, we have our rules posted, we have our people up on deck, watching, observing, making sure people aren't running," Goodell says.

Haines doesn't put the blame on anyone. He just doesn't want someone else to make the same mistake. "Don't be stupid," Haines says.

While the accident may have set him back a few steps, he's confident he will still have a full and active life ahead of him. "I want to be pushed as hard as I can physically and mentally," Haines says.

He'll be staying at the Barrow's Neuro Rehab Center for another six to eight weeks.

To learn more about how you can help Haines and his family check out his Facebook page: "Pray for Blake Haines"


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