Mar 25, 2013 11:32 AM by Samantha Ptashkin

Tucson mother and son visiting all 127 city parks, raising money for parks and rec

TUCSON- Tucson Parks and Recreation operates 127 parks across the city and Maloree Renaud and her two-year-old son are on a mission to visit all of them.

"The idea is to celebrate parks more than anything," Renaud says.

An idea that started with two New Year's resolutions. "I really wanted to make sure to spend more time outside with my son and I wanted to start keeping a journal again," Renaud says.

So in January Renaud and her son set out on their journey. While her little guy explores, Renaud snaps pictures. So far they have visited about a dozen parks. "Each park is unique in its own way," Renaud says.

She started posting the pictures and blogging about each one on a website she created. It's called www.playableparks.com. "I've never seen a blog like this and we think it's a great project," says Sierra Davenport of Tucson Parks and Recreation. "It will hopefully bring a lot of awareness to the Tucson park system."

Renaud also paints artwork of the parks and she's selling it on the website. Half the proceeds will go to Tucson Parks and Rec.

Since 2008 Parks and Rec has chopped about $8 million from its annual budget. The impact has been seen in pool closures, reduced rec center hours and less park maintenance. "So any help we can get is greatly appreciated," Davenport says.

Renaud's contribution may not be large, but in an age where kids are often glued to their iPads and TV's, this is an effort to bring back simple outdoor fun. It's going to take well over a year to go to each park," Renaud says. "But that's perfect because I want to do this."

To visit Renaud's website head to: www.playableparks.com


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