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Jun 5, 2013 9:08 PM by Lupita Murillo

Tucson Police Crime Lab now an international model

TUCSON-Tucson has a state of the art crime lab that's gaining international recognition. Wendesday, it was the center of attention for some foreign dignitaries from Trinidad and Tobago.

Juanita Aguirre is with the United States Embassy from Trinidad and Tobago.

"Throughout the Caribbean firearms are attributed to 70% of homicides. Within Trinidad and Tobago there's 80 percent," she says.

That's one of the reasons the group is visiting crime labs in the U.S. They want to see the Firearms Lab. Aguirre says, they are interested in looking at how the weapons are traced and how evidence is linked from the user, to the shooter, and then to the victim.

Stephen De Jesus is the Senior Forensics Advisor.

"It's a wealth of information that we can take back," he says.

Aguirre says the tour has been a success.

"Our representatives from the government of Trinidad and Tobago can go back using some of the best practices and learn from the crime lab here to build and design their own national level forensics laboratory," she says.

The group has toured crime labs in Colorado, Georgia, and Florida.


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