Apr 25, 2013 9:29 PM by Erika Flores

Tucson police informing merchants about synthetic drug law

TUCSON - Tucson police were busy visiting local merchants known to sell synthetic drugs to let them know about new rules signed into law.

House Bill 2327 took effect April 3rd.

It bans synthetic drugs by adding related chemicals to an existing law enforcement list of dangerous drugs.

The addition closes a loophole that previously allowed drug makers to sell the products in stores.

The Poison Control Center said these synthetic drugs are very difficult to keep track of.

Mazda Shirazi, medical director of Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center said these products here are synthetic drugs.

Dr. Shirazi said some of the potpourri or spice sold in stores or on the street could contain synthetic drugs and other not, but it's difficult to know.

"These agents are first of all many, second of all they are sold under different names and products and third these are packaged in a very savvy manner," said Dr. Shirazi.

Many have a warning sign on them saying it is not for human consumption.

Captain Barrett Baker with Tucson Fire Department said it's always dangerous responding to an overdose especially one from synthetic drug.

"You don't know if that person is a threat to you meaning wanting to harm us just as much as they harm themselves. There are a lot of variables and intangibles when you have to deal with an overdose that you don't even know what the cause was," said Captain Baker.

Tucson police said they are giving each business a copy of House Bill 2327 so that they know what product is contraband.

Police are also collecting any products with synthetic drugs, but no enforcement action is taking place Thursday.

Police will then follow up at the businesses to make sure they are in compliance with the law.


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