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Dec 19, 2013 7:34 PM by Lupita Murillo

Tucson resident talks about Rocky Point shooting

TUCSON - The American Drug Enforcement Agency is investigating the shootout that killed five people on Wednesday. It happened on "Sandy Beach" a popular spot for tourists in Rocky Point, Mexico.

News 4 Tucson has learned that overnight one of the victims from the shootout was brought to University of Arizona Medical Center. Mexican officials say the shootout started after police and government troops confronted some gunmen.

One day later, it was business as usual in the beach front community where many Arizonans have a second home. Donna Whitman and her husband Frank are among them. Their condo is in Sandy Beach about 300 yards from where the shooting took place.

News 4 Tucson spoke to her over the phone. Whitman says, " The only negative thing I can tell you about Rocky Point right now, is that it's a little bit too windy. But business is going on as usual. "

Whitman also says there is more police presence on the streets.

While the shootout concerns her, she says this happens everywhere, not just Mexico. She's not going to stop from going there, and she says her neighbors feel the same way. "I can't stop enjoying or stop living the way I live because of something like this, I won't let that happen." She adds, she's not going to stop from crossing streets for fear of being run over.

She says if people have concerns about traveling to Rocky Point, don't stress yourself over it and its better not to go. However, if you do decide to visit Rocky Point, travel during the day, and don't go out late in the evening.


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