Jan 31, 2013 9:09 AM by Samantha Ptashkin

Tucson's 50+ crowd looks for love online

TUCSON- Wendy is a refined 65-year-old with a zest for books, man's best friend and life.

"I may be 65, but I don't feel 65," Wendy says. "I feel more like 30."

When she moved to Tucson about a decade ago, the divorcee was looking to meet people, so she turned to online dating. "It's just time to kick back and enjoy and get to know somebody," Wendy says.

Her quest for companionship recently connected Wendy to AARP. In December the Washington power house dove into the dating world, by partnering with the site "How About We". "They give you scenarios," Wendy says. " 'How about we go out and do so and so,' and I typed 'go to a seafood restaurant and wear a bib'."

The goal is to connect seniors offline as soon as possible and so far it seems to be working.

Hundreds of "How About We" members have posted online testimonials about their idea of a perfect date. The site has more than one-million dates posted on it right now. About 10,000 come from right here in Tucson. "When they go online they're looking for quality people," says Stacey Moore of Tucson Oasis.

Oasis is an organization that provides activities and all sorts of classes for Tucson's 50+ crowd. "Back a couple generations ago, you retired, you pulled out the rocking chair and you sat on the front porch," Moore says. "These retirees now run circles around the younger generation."

Of course dating as a senior citizen is a bit different from dating in the younger years. "I don't think you need to feel that on the third date you have to hook up or something like that," Wendy says. "I mean it just isn't like that."

She says as long as you're patient, you'll find your prince. Wendy recently started dating a guy who she met through "How About We".

While she isn't quite sure where that relationship is going, she's proud to be back in the game during her golden years. "It's an adventure," Wendy says. "And I'm an adventurous woman!"

To check out the "How About We" site head to: www.howaboutwe.com/


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