Biggest Loser

Oct 18, 2011 6:10 PM

Tucson's Biggest Loser 2010 tells his story

TUCSON - News 4 is kicking off Tucson's Biggest Loser, so every Tuesday you'll meet a Tucsonan who's done an amazing job dropping the pounds.

First up is Mark Inskeep, who's been overweight pretty much his whole life.

Maxing out at 535 pounds, a vein ruptured in his leg.

"The doctors pretty much told me: lose weight fast, or start making funeral arrangements," Inskeep said. "So I decided to have weight loss surgery."

With weight loss surgery mixed with daily walks and a proper diet, 200 pounds melted off in the first year.

"The more I found I was able to do, the more I wanted to do," Inskeep said.

Mark became so successful at losing weight, he wanted to help others do it too; now he's a certified personal trainer.

After four years of dedication, Inskeep has lost a total of 330 pounds.

For Inskeep, losing the weight was the easy part, but keeping it off is a constant battle.

"The moment you say try, you've given yourself permission to fail, so stop saying try."

If you would like to share your weight loss story, we have a contest you can enter.

Click here to enter our Biggest Loser Tucson contest.

At the end of the season, one of the people we profile will win the grand prize, a fitness package!


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