Oct 16, 2013 9:32 PM by Sean Mooney

Tucson Streetcar project picking up speed

TUCSON - While it seems the Tucson Modern Streetcar Project has moved along painfully slow, it is now picking up speed.

Wednesday morning, the second addition to the fleet arrived in Tucson. Streetcar #102, is presently garaged at Sun Trans maintenance and operations facility downtown. There will eventually be a total of eight streetcars in the fleet.

Over the next week, the new streetcar will undergo some internal work and other adjustments before it is deemed rail worthy and then will then hit the streets of Tucson for its own rounds of testing.

In the meantime, engineers continue to test the first streetcar in the fleet, Streetcar #101. Managers of the project say, so far, testing of the streetcar and the rail system has all gone well. So well, this past week streetcar drivers testing put Streetcar #101's pedal to the metal, reaching a top speed of 42 mph.

Tucson modern streetcar project manager, Joe chase, says 99% of the work is done and at this point it's all about getting all of the streetcars ready for launch, "What happens now is just a testing process, we have to wait until we get all eight vehicle in", Chase said, "each vehicle has to get tested with a certain amount of burn time and once all that is completed we can actually start looking at revenue service that we are looking to do next year."

Chase says he believes Streetcar #102 will be ready for testing next week and that the Tucson Modern Streetcar line is still on schedule to become operational by the end of next summer.


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